China best 22kw 30HP Stainless Steel Silent AC Electric Water Lubrication Medical Oil Free Rotary Screw Air Compressor for Food Pharmaceutical Industrial air compressor parts

Product Description

Model :  Oil Free Series
Type:  Oil Free Screw Air Compressor
Working Pressure:  8~12.5bar
Installed Motor Power:  7.5~250 Kw
Capacity: 0.81~39.30 m3/min
Driven Method: Direct Driven
Power 380V / 3PH / 50HZ / 60HZ
220V / 3PH / 50HZ / 60HZ
440V / 3PH / 50HZ / 60HZ
415V / 3PH / 50HZ / 60HZ
Can be customized
Transport Package: Standard Wooden Packing
Motor protection grade IP54
Insulation class F
Outlet Air Humidity  ambient temperature+10ºC

Product Features
        In pharmaceutical, electronic, chemical, microbial fermentation, blow moulding, pressure detection and other industrial production, there are many medium-pressure compressed air to be used to 1.6-4.0 MPa in power plants, naval ships, national defense facilities. At present, piston air compressors are mostly used at home and abroad, while piston air compressors are characterized by large vibration, high noise, large leakage and short service life, so their efficiency is very low and the same work is done. The medium pressure oil-free screw machine has compact structure, high working efficiency, low noise, low vibration, easy maintenance, low operating cost and good air quality. At the same time, the series of machines are controlled by micro-computer system. The whole machine has multiple protective performance of pressure, temperature and overload energy.
1.Constant pressure control: high-precision constant pressure control with a pressure fluctuation range within0.01MPa.
2. Variable frequency soft start: remove CHINAMFG current during starting, avoid the power grid impact, prevent the current impact through gradual speed regulation and improve flexibility; 
3.No idling: prevent idling of the compressor during running and reduce invalid energy consumption;
3.High performance vector control: low-frequency starting provides a large torque and a low running current, ensuring to get a reasonable torque to drive the air compressor to run stably with the minimum temperature rise of the motor within a wide speed range;

Model Working pressure Capacity Motor power Noise
Inlet and outlet pipe dia. of cooling water Cooling water
Dimension(mm) Net weight Air outlet
bar m3/min kw/hp Inlet water
temp. 32ºC(T/H)
SGM08 8 1.17  7.5/10 58 3/4″ 2 10 800*800*1100(A)
470 3/4″
10 1.05 
12.5 0.81 
SGM11 8 1.65  11/15 60 1″ 2.5 26 1200*760*1300(A)
580 3/4″
10 1.42 
12.5 1.10 
SGM15 8 2.43  15/20 63 1″ 3.5 26 1200*760*1300(A)
620 3/4″
10 2.17 
12.5 1.80 
SGM18 8 3.13  18.5/25 65 1″ 4 30 1400*900*1450(A)
680 1″
10 2.82 
12.5 2.05 
SGM22 8 3.52  22/30 65 1″ 5 30 1400*900*1450(A)
730 1″
10 3.21 
12.5 2.78 
SGM30 8 5.12  30/40 67 1 1/2″ 7 40 1550*1150*1500(A)
1100 1 1/4″
10 4.43 
12.5 3.63 
SGM37 8 6.30  37/50 67 1 1/2″ 9 40 1550*1150*1500(A)
1150 1 1/4″
10 5.33 
12.5 4.77 
SGM45 8 7.40  45/60 68 1 1/2″ 10 90 1800*1300*1750(A)
1390 2″
10 6.30 
12.5 5.56 
SGM55 8 9.60  55/75 70 1 1/2″ 12 120 1980*1400*1850(A)
1470 2″
10 8.55 
12.5 7.67 
SGM75 8 13.00  75/100 73 1 1/2″ 18 120 2100*1600*1900(A)
10 11.50 
12.5 9.70 
SGM90 8 14.80  90/120 73 1 1/2″ 20 180 2400*1600*2000(A)
2 1/2″
10 13.90 
12.5 12.60 
SGM110 8 19.85  110/150 78 2″ 24 180 2700*1600*2100(A)
2 1/2″
10 16.66 
12.5 15.56 
SGM132 8 23.10  132/175 78 2″ 30 240 3000*1700*2250(A)
2 1/2″
10 19.97 
12.5 16.90 
SGM160 8 28.11  160/200 80 3″ 35 240 3000*1800*2100(W) 3700 3″
10 25.45 
12.5 22.52 
SGM185 8 33.97  185/250 80 3″ 38 300 3000*1800*2100(W) 3750 3″
10 29.00 
12.5 25.21 
SGM200 8 36.75  200/275 80 4″ 42 300 3100*1850*2100(W) 3900 4″
10 32.78 
12.5 29.24 
SGM220 8 39.67  220/300 80 4″ 47 360 3100*1850*2100(W) 4200 4″
10 36.75 
12.5 29.63 
SGM250 8 43.50  250/350 80 4″ 53 360 3100*1850*2100(W) 4600 4″
10 39.30 
12.5 34.00 
Motor Protection Class:IP54/IP55 or as per your requests.
Voltage: 380V/50Hz/3ph, 380V/60Hz/3ph, 220V/50Hz/3ph, 220V/60Hz/3ph, 440V/50Hz/3ph, 440V/60Hz/3ph, or as per your requests.
In the external dimensions: “A” means air cooling, and “W” means water cooling.

Q1: What is the rotor speed for the air end?
A1: 2980rmp.

Q2: What’s your lead time?
A2: usually, 5-7 days. (OEM orders: 15days)

Q3: Can you offer water cooled air compressor?
A3: Yes, we can (normally, air cooled type).

Q4: What’s the payment term?
A4: T/T, L/C, Western Union, etc. Also we could accept USD, RMB, and other currency.

Q5: Do you accept customized voltage?
A5: Yes. 380V/50Hz/3ph, 380V/60Hz/3ph, 220V/50Hz/3ph, 220V/60Hz/3ph, 440V/50Hz/3ph, 440V/60Hz/3ph, or as per your requests.

Q6: What is your warranty for air compressor?
A6: One year for the whole air compressor(not including the consumption spare parts) and technical supports can be provided according to your needs.

Q7: Can you accept OEM orders?
A7: Yes, OEM orders are warmly welcome.

Q8: How about your customer service and after-sales service?
A8: 24hrs on-line support, 48hrs problem solved promise.

Q9: Do you have spare parts in stock?
A9: Yes, we do.

Q10: What kind of initial lubrication oil you used in air compressor?
A10: TOTAL 46# mineral oil.

If you are interested in any of our products,please feel free to contact us.
We are looking CHINAMFG to cooperating,growing and developing with your sincerely.


Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

To be negotiated
After-sales Service: Online Support, Dispatched Engineers
Warranty: 1 Year
Lubrication Style: Oil-free


air compressor

Can air compressors be used for painting and sandblasting?

Yes, air compressors can be used for both painting and sandblasting applications. Here’s a closer look at how air compressors are utilized for painting and sandblasting:


Air compressors are commonly used in painting processes, especially in automotive, industrial, and construction applications. Here’s how they are involved:

  • Spray Guns: Air compressors power spray guns used for applying paint coatings. The compressed air atomizes the paint, creating a fine mist that can be evenly sprayed onto surfaces. The pressure and volume of the compressed air impact the spray pattern, coverage, and overall finish quality.
  • Paint Mixers and Agitators: Compressed air is often used to power mixers and agitators that ensure proper blending of paint components. These devices use the compressed air to stir or circulate the paint, preventing settling and maintaining a consistent mixture.
  • Airbrushing: Air compressors are essential for airbrushing techniques, which require precise control over airflow and pressure. Airbrushes are commonly used in artistic applications, such as illustrations, murals, and fine detailing work.


Air compressors play a crucial role in sandblasting operations, which involve propelling abrasive materials at high velocity to clean, etch, or prepare surfaces. Here’s how air compressors are used in sandblasting:

  • Blasting Cabinets: Air compressors power blasting cabinets or booths, which are enclosed spaces where the sandblasting process takes place. The compressed air propels the abrasive media, such as sand or grit, through a nozzle or gun, creating a forceful stream that impacts the surface being treated.
  • Abrasive Blasting Pots: Air compressors supply air to abrasive blasting pots or tanks that store and pressurize the abrasive media. The compressed air from the compressor enters the pot, pressurizing it and allowing for a controlled release of the abrasive material during the sandblasting process.
  • Air Dryers and Filters: In sandblasting applications, it is crucial to have clean, dry air to prevent moisture and contaminants from affecting the abrasive blasting process and the quality of the surface being treated. Air compressors may be equipped with air dryers and filters to remove moisture, oil, and impurities from the compressed air.

When using air compressors for painting or sandblasting, it is important to consider factors such as the compressor’s pressure and volume output, the specific requirements of the application, and the type of tools or equipment being used. Consult the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations to ensure the air compressor is suitable for the intended painting or sandblasting tasks.

Proper safety measures, such as wearing protective gear and following established protocols, should always be followed when working with air compressors for painting and sandblasting applications.

air compressor

How are air compressors employed in the mining industry?

Air compressors play a crucial role in the mining industry, providing reliable and efficient power for various mining operations. Here are some common applications of air compressors in mining:

1. Exploration and Drilling:

Air compressors are used during exploration and drilling activities in the mining industry. Compressed air is used to power drilling rigs, pneumatic hammers, and other drilling equipment. The high-pressure air generated by the compressor helps in drilling boreholes, extracting core samples, and exploring potential mineral deposits.

2. Ventilation and Air Quality Control:

Air compressors are employed in underground mining to provide ventilation and control air quality. Compressed air is used to operate ventilation fans and air circulation systems, ensuring adequate airflow and removing harmful gases, dust, and fumes from the mining tunnels and work areas.

3. Material Conveyance:

In mining operations, air compressors are used for material conveyance. Pneumatic systems powered by air compressors are utilized to transport materials such as coal, ore, and other minerals. Compressed air is used to operate pneumatic conveyors, pumps, and material handling equipment, allowing for efficient and controlled movement of bulk materials.

4. Dust Suppression:

Air compressors are employed for dust suppression in mining areas. Compressed air is used to spray water or other suppressants to control dust generated during mining activities. This helps in maintaining a safe and healthy work environment, reducing the risks associated with dust inhalation and improving visibility.

5. Instrumentation and Control:

Air compressors are used for instrumentation and control purposes in mining operations. Compressed air is utilized to power pneumatic control systems, control valves, and actuators. These systems regulate the flow of fluids, control equipment movements, and ensure the proper functioning of various mining processes.

6. Explosive Applications:

In mining, air compressors are used for explosive applications. Compressed air is employed to power pneumatic tools used for rock fragmentation, such as rock drills and pneumatic breakers. The controlled power of compressed air enables safe and efficient rock breaking without the need for traditional explosives.

7. Maintenance and Repair:

Air compressors are essential for maintenance and repair activities in the mining industry. Compressed air is used for cleaning machinery, removing debris, and powering pneumatic tools for equipment maintenance and repair tasks. The versatility and portability of air compressors make them valuable assets in maintaining mining equipment.

It is important to note that different mining operations may have specific requirements and considerations when selecting and using air compressors. The size, capacity, and features of air compressors can vary based on the specific mining application and environmental conditions.

By utilizing air compressors effectively, the mining industry can benefit from increased productivity, improved safety, and efficient operation of various mining processes.

air compressor

What are the key components of an air compressor system?

An air compressor system consists of several key components that work together to generate and deliver compressed air. Here are the essential components:

1. Compressor Pump: The compressor pump is the heart of the air compressor system. It draws in ambient air and compresses it to a higher pressure. The pump can be reciprocating (piston-driven) or rotary (screw, vane, or scroll-driven) based on the compressor type.

2. Electric Motor or Engine: The electric motor or engine is responsible for driving the compressor pump. It provides the power necessary to operate the pump and compress the air. The motor or engine’s size and power rating depend on the compressor’s capacity and intended application.

3. Air Intake: The air intake is the opening or inlet through which ambient air enters the compressor system. It is equipped with filters to remove dust, debris, and contaminants from the incoming air, ensuring clean air supply and protecting the compressor components.

4. Compression Chamber: The compression chamber is where the actual compression of air takes place. In reciprocating compressors, it consists of cylinders, pistons, valves, and connecting rods. In rotary compressors, it comprises intermeshing screws, vanes, or scrolls that compress the air as they rotate.

5. Receiver Tank: The receiver tank, also known as an air tank, is a storage vessel that holds the compressed air. It acts as a buffer, allowing for a steady supply of compressed air during peak demand periods and reducing pressure fluctuations. The tank also helps separate moisture from the compressed air, allowing it to condense and be drained out.

6. Pressure Relief Valve: The pressure relief valve is a safety device that protects the compressor system from over-pressurization. It automatically releases excess pressure if it exceeds a predetermined limit, preventing damage to the system and ensuring safe operation.

7. Pressure Switch: The pressure switch is an electrical component that controls the operation of the compressor motor. It monitors the pressure in the system and automatically starts or stops the motor based on pre-set pressure levels. This helps maintain the desired pressure range in the receiver tank.

8. Regulator: The regulator is a device used to control and adjust the output pressure of the compressed air. It allows users to set the desired pressure level for specific applications, ensuring a consistent and safe supply of compressed air.

9. Air Outlet and Distribution System: The air outlet is the point where the compressed air is delivered from the compressor system. It is connected to a distribution system comprising pipes, hoses, fittings, and valves that carry the compressed air to the desired application points or tools.

10. Filters, Dryers, and Lubricators: Depending on the application and air quality requirements, additional components such as filters, dryers, and lubricators may be included in the system. Filters remove contaminants, dryers remove moisture from the compressed air, and lubricators provide lubrication to pneumatic tools and equipment.

These are the key components of an air compressor system. Each component plays a crucial role in the generation, storage, and delivery of compressed air for various industrial, commercial, and personal applications.

China best 22kw 30HP Stainless Steel Silent AC Electric Water Lubrication Medical Oil Free Rotary Screw Air Compressor for Food Pharmaceutical Industrial   air compressor partsChina best 22kw 30HP Stainless Steel Silent AC Electric Water Lubrication Medical Oil Free Rotary Screw Air Compressor for Food Pharmaceutical Industrial   air compressor parts
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